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The ultimate digital marketing and automation course that will teach you different ways to monetize as a complete beginner with digital marketing.



  • Intro to Digital marketing
  • Mindset
  • Building trust with your audience
  • The Foundation
  • The Ultimate Branding guide
  • Instagram Formula
  • How to Pre-Launch
  • How to Sell on stories
  • Everything Reels
  • Capcut
  • Faceless Wealth
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Attraction Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Men in Digital Marketing
  • Full Business automations
  • Creating your own digital products
  • Bypass funnel with
  • Setting up
  • Funnels of Course
  • Bypass funnel with Beacons
  • Let's talk TikTok
  • Email Marketing
  • The Content Vault
  • PLR Vault & more!


You will also receive my business bundle that includes an additional 4 PLR products + private mentorship chat

  • Kickstart Strategy: Learn the exact strategy & reels to do to kickstart your Digital marketing business.
  • Faceless Wealth Guide: Learn the steps to starting Digital marketing completely faceless.
  • Success with Stan store: The only guide you will need to learn how to run a successful business with Stan.
  • Social Media Blueprint: You will get all of the tips & tricks to level up your social media game + how to use your brand to maximize your business and attract your dream clients.

Hi, Im Jennie Jo! A full time single mom to 3 amazing kids. I also homeschool and believe in living an intentional life. One where I am able to spend my days making core memories with my children rather than missing out on their childhood, building someone else's dream.

I have been a stay at home mom for 9 years, and in 2019 I decided to find ways to make money online. After finding a solution to being overweight (I was pushing 300 lbs and lost 125 lbs in a year) I decided to launch an online business sharing my journey.

I ended up making over 1 million dollars in 3 years. Life changing doesn't even describe it! As that business got busier and my children got more active, I wanted to take a step back from the hustle and really focus on them. Over the last year since purchasing my dream home, I have been focusing on being a mama and praying about what I want to do next in this online space. As much as I love sharing my weightloss story and inspiring others who are struggling, I didn't want to only be known for that. I'm so much more than a woman who's lost weight, and I have so much value to share with other women looking to take on the social space & monitize it properly.

So at the end of 2023, I was feeling burnt out and was tired of being stuck behind my phone. I began looking for a better way. I wanted to continue to make good money but I also wanted to be able to be fully be present with my kids, & that's when I found Digital Marketing with Master Resell Rights.

I took this exact course at the end of July 2023 and lauched on Aug 1. Within my first 2 weeks of launching, I sold 51 courses and brought in over $25,000! After 3 months, I generated over $327K!

This is something anyone can achieve, regardless of experience, skill set, past, or current situation.

So if you are looking for a way to enter the digital marketing space, grow an existing buisness, make money you did not know was quite possible, be taught as a beginner, this course is for you!

I can not WAIT to see where it takes you, and I will be here cheering you on!

With love, Jennie Jo

Inside of DWA you will also have access to an additional 6 PLR products you can resell for 100% profit!, a Content Vault that will give you access to new marketing material every 2 weeks, + Live weekly training calls!

One up-front price & absolutely NO UPSELLS, ever. You will receive 6 DONE FOR YOU digital products you can sell for 100% PROFIT to start your digital marketing business.

  • A comprehensive business, marketing and automation course with over 80 in-depth, easy to follow modules WITH A COMPLETE BEGINNER IN MIND!
  • Lifetime access including ongoing course updates & community support with absolutely no monthly fees or charges!
  • An in-demand digital product-THE COURSE ITSELF! Done for you and ready to be sold for 100% profit! That profit will ALWAYS go directly to you because the course becomes YOURS!
  • Learn how to create, market, and sell your own digital product.


  • one on one guidance from me.
  • 6 additional MRR products inside the course that you can sell for 100% profit.

    Limited time bonus: Purchase today and you’ll get my kickstart strategy where i personally share with you what i did to make $20,000 in my first 2 weeks! as a complete beginner with digital marketing!
  • The Digital Wealth Academy
  • The Ultimate Reels Guide
  • Social Media Planner
  • Digital Wealth Guide
  • Digital Marketing Playbook
  • Faceless Reels Guide
  • Faceless Tiktok Marketing

Business Foundations

Learn the foundations of being a successful entrepreneur, and how to set up your systems and products for maximum success and sustainable growth.

Creating Sales Funnels

Set up simple sales funnels to resell The DWA course, or use the strategies to launch any new business or optimise an existing one.

Business Automation

Learn how to automate your business with powerful follow up campaigns and automations. This allows your business to run on autopilot and maximise sales.

Email Marketing

Learn how to create email campaigns that engage and convert. Design, personalize, automate, and analyze for effectiveness!

Blogging for Success

You will learn how to create and write blog content that is effective and captivating and performs well in the search engine. This will drive traffic to your page!

Affiliate Marketing

Add additional income to your Digital Marketing business with the power of Affiliate Marketing. Learn how to turn Affiliate Marketing into passive income.

Content Strategy

You will learn how to effectively market your business or product across many social media outlets. You will learn how to define your target audience (or niche) and create high converting content.

Branding Momentum

Learn to develop and implement a strong branding strategy by knowing how to develop your own personal brand and build a strong reputation across multiple channels.

Social Media Marketing

Learn how to promote The DWA course or any other product. This will teach you how to quickly grow your audience and make sales via social media marketing.

Create Your Own Digital Products

Learn how to create your own digital products & sell them on socials!

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What exactly is this?

This is a comprehensive marketing course designed for beginners (even with no experience) to learn how to launch a successful digital marketing business. This is a DONE-FOR-YOU in-depth marketing course. The course includes step-by-step modules that will walk you through launching your digital product business and how to use digital marketing to make sales. You will learn how to brand yourself, perform well on SEO, market on various social media channels, how to create highly converting sales funnels, email campaigns and everything else you need to create a profitable passive income business. This product is unique because once you buy it you own it. This means you can re-brand and sell it for 100% profit.

How do I make 100% profits?

You will get Master Resell Rights, which means once you have purchased this product, you will not only have access to this comprehensive digital marketing course, you will also have the rights to brand this course as your own and be able to sell it for 100% profit!

How do I get paid?

With 100% Resell Rights the product is owned by you. You can take download the course and host it on your own site, or direct your customers to the Kajabi membership site. The product sale is connected to your online payment gateways. So the sale goes directly into your account. No middle man. No company that owes you commission. YOU OWN THE SALE.

What do I receive with my purchase?

In the next section you will see the modules included in this comprehensive course. You will receive immediate access to the course itself and access to a free community of success-minded business owners of all experience levels ready to connect and support! Additionally, you will receive a Master Resell Rights license to sell this product with your own branding.

Can I send my customers to your community?

Absolutely!! The community is for anyone who purchases this course! There is additional training, FREE updates as there are constantly new training modules added

Do I need to have prior experience or a following?

No way! This program is designed with the complete beginner in mind. This walks you through from the very beginning to start an online business from scratch. As well as how to grow a following on social media.

Are there any hidden fees?

You pay one price and you receive everything you need! You will also receive all step-by-step training modules and any new updates in the future!

Do I have to sell this course?

Absolutely NOT! When you purchase the program, this course is yours. You can choose to sell the course as your own OR simply learn and implement the information into your existing business. The decision is yours! This course teaches you in-demand, high income skills to learn how to make money online no matter what your niche or passion may be!

Can this be sold in any country?

YES! All you need is a method to receive payment and you can sell this Digital Product from anywhere in the world. It is also available in English, Spanish & French!